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For those who love art, understanding a work of art is an emotional journey that not only stimulates the senses but engages, and pleasantly disrupts, the heart and the mind. A visit to a museum or an exhibition are, in this sense, an exceptional opportunity.

The inability to materialize these emotions prompts us to seek out objects that allow us to recall a work of art and the feelings it awakens within: thus we buy a gadget or a catalog at a museum bookshop.

Through the platform of e-commerce, this project was founded on the desire to offer everyone, wherever they are in the world, the ability to " adopt " works of art and, in some way, make them a part of their daily lives.

Thanks to the Florence Museum Store, anyone fascinated by the city of Florence - from its artistic and cultural heritage, to its extraordinary museums and exclusive exhibitions - can purchase a variety of products online, from the comfort of home. From accessories to home and office decor, from plaster casting to jewelry, all the way to editorial products - each item delivers innovation and quality.

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